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Piano Wizardô Premier

is an amazingly simple PC Video Game that teaches virtually anyone to play the piano in minutes.

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All packages include software, 200 songs/lessons, colored stickers and with cable. Packages available:




Our Price


49e 4 Octave 49 key full size MIDI keyboard





eKeys 3 Octave MIDI keyboard




Software with universal MIDI cable




Software Only Version





Piano Wizard Premier makes practicing fun because itís a game!
Vibrant colors, multiple game choices and instant gratification captivate children of all ages, while the educational agenda actually teaching kids how to read music gives moms and grandparents confidence in the investment.

It is Brand New Never Used and in its original box.

System Requirements:

Windows 98se / ME / 2000 / XP

733+ MHz processor, 32 Meg video card

200 Mb of Free Hard Drive Space

MIDI cable and/or MIDI keyboard (depending on package) and appropriate system drivers

(Note: Hardware requirements may vary with manufacturer)

Internet Access to update game and download MIDI songs



Part Video Game, Part Piano Lesson

Piano Wizard combines the fun of a video game with the fundamentals of piano lessons.  Anyone can sit down at a keyboard today and with The Piano Wizard , experience how Allegro has magically turned what once felt like practice, into feeling like childís play with its patented, 4-Step Method.

Piano Wizard PREMIER allows you to download unlimited MIDI song files into your computers.  Learn to PLAY your favorite songs, anything from Bach to Bon Jovi.   The Piano Wizard PREMIER allows every family member to easily download and learn to play any MIDI song file, from virtually any artist, whether classical, pop, rock, country, gospel, alternative, or the ones you create yourself.  

Piano Wizard, itís the game that never wears out!



Music before theory


Teaching Piano the Way a Child Learns
Traditional piano lessons teach musical notation first. But most children don't want to wade through the hieroglyphics before they get to play. They want to play now.

With Piano Wizard PREMIER, your child is playing the piano the instant the game is started.

They learn intuitively to hit the right note at the right time. Gradually, as their skill level advances, so does the game. Before you know it, your child has learned to read music. 


Beginner Level: Objects move from bottom to top

Your child can choose from several different fantasy worlds to play in. Each musical note is represented by a different character that corresponds to that world. As each character lands on one of the keys shown on the colored keyboard at the top of the computer screen, your child presses the corresponding key on their own colored keyboard in order to hear the song.


Intermediate Level: Objects move from right to left

As your child's skill level advances, the colored keyboard at the top of the computer screen rotates from its parallel position to a position that is perpendicular to your child's own keyboard. The musical notes are still represented by characters, but now your child begins to get accustomed to reading music in its traditional horizontal format.


Transition Level: Objects converted to colored notes

At this stage of musical development, the fantasy world your child has been playing in, as well as its corresponding characters, all are replaced by traditional music notation. The notes are still colored, however, to match your child's colored keyboard.


Advanced Level: Standard black music notation

When your child is ready, all backgrounds and colors are removed completely. Because your child learned to play the music first, hand/eye coordination and skills like pitch, rhythm and reflexes are all second nature. Your child is now able to view notation as a map to playing music, rather than as frustrating hieroglyphics.



Piano Wizard Overview

Piano Wizard is the music learning video game that painlessly teaches anyone to play the piano. It gives every player instant success and joy, because they will immediately be able to play their favorite songs!


The game's patented sound and color learning cues transform tedious and repetitive practice sessions into an exciting and rewarding video game experience for people of all ages and musical abilities.

Piano Wizard is a lifetime learning tool and family entertainment center. The game never wears out and never gets boring because you control the musical content. It uses thousands of MIDI song files available in music stores and on the internet as the basis of each musical game experience.

Players, parents, and music teachers can up-load any song into the game, instantly creating a new video game experience or music lesson every time. Thousands of songs are available from Bach to the Beatles, including religious hymns and children's favorites.

The game teaches children as young as 3 to play the piano.

Piano Wizard's secret agenda is to teach everyone to read music and play the piano just by having fun - playing a non-violent video game.

Because Piano Wizard only uses POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT it's specifically designed to quickly build a player's confidence and self-esteem. The game automatically rewards players for touching the right note and ignores mistakes, encouraging and conditioning players with fun and entertainment, to keep them practicing and playing while they learn practical music and piano skills. (Suitable for ages 3+)


Press Releases


Feb. 2, 2006 Allegro Multimedia / Fisher-Price Agreement Opens Doors To Music-Making Fun For The Next Generation (See also, Fisher-Price Press Release)


Dec. 27, 2005 M-Audioô MIDI Keyboard Is Instrumental In Rapidly Growing Fervor Over Piano WizardôVideo Game Software


Dec. 7, 2005 First Ever Piano Wizard Academy Created at Southern Illinois University School of Music Breaks the Mold for Piano Lessons Forever


Dec. 1, 2005 Scott Houston, The Piano Guy, Strikes a Beautiful Chord with Piano Wizard


Dec. 1, 2005 FAO Schwarz Toyland Continues its Landmark Music Making Tradition This Holiday Season with the Magic of "Piano Wizard".


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