Services Provided

Business Planning and Execution

We provide a full range of planning and execution services for start up or runnning small businesses including:

  • Business Planning
  • Operations Planning
  • Operations Implementation
  • Employee Management
  • Capital acquisition

  • Celebrity Management and Representation:

    Celebrity Management
    We can provide full service celebrity management including:

  • Career Planning
  • Career Implementation
  • Public Relations
  • Client Representation
  • Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Scheduling and daily operations management

  • Celebrity Representation
    We represent celebrities and provide multiple way to gain income.

    We represent Celebrity Chef Leon Galatoire of New Orleans fame. He will be appearing as a guest chef all over the country.

    Personal Finances
    We can provide full service Personal Financial management from budget management through daily financial management.

    Operations planning and implementation

    For Allegro Multimedia, a video game producer of Piano Wizard, designed and implemented the companyís Operations Processes including Customer, Systems and Process Management to support a 4 fold increase in sales.

    Project Management

    We have provided project management services for the full project life cycle of multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies. Whether it is an Operations Support System for the largest switched voice network in the world for AT&T, a Lucent Technologies Element Management System to support broadband cable and telephony for over 2 million homes or facility planning of facility construction and large scale personnel relocations, we can provide the needed resources.

    Founded and directed Project Office for PharMerica, a large pharmacy delivery company, hiring, mentoring and leading a team which grew to seven project managers in less than three years. Provided direction to project management of all information systems projects to assure completion on-time, within budget, and with quality results. Made commitments and delivered status presentations to business process owners on all projects (including pharmacy, back office and EDI). Established processes to identify, prioritize and select items of most value to corporation.

    Provided leadership through ability to transform vision of business goals into ongoing project direction. Directed project planning, team formation, meetings, issues resolution, tracking, and documentation. Provided an escalation path to remove roadblocks to project progress. Oversaw capital/project operating budget of over $7,000,000, annual salary budget of $430,000 and up to 70 associates and ten direct reports. Managed vendor relationships, including development, negotiation and management of $600,000, $400,000 and $1,200,000 vendor development contracts in one year alone.

    Small Business Expansion

    A business owner was looking to expand, but was not sure how to proceed. We designed a Business Plan which identified a way to grow the business while maintaning quality and profitability. In a few short months, execution of the plan resulted in a profit growth of 150% with an addition of employees. The company is now planning to expand to additional sites.

    Marketing and Product Management

    When your company has a new product it wants to bring to market, you are faced with many needs including how to market and manage the product. You need an effective and thorough marketing plan including a service description and market research requirements. Your market research including focus groups, survey development and telephone survey implementation in preparation for market trial will be an important aspect of the project.

    Often you need to investigate the effects of the requirements of a new service on your existing systems and procedures. We can produced a feasibility study which explores the alternatives and make recommendations to management.

    Billing is always an important part of a new product. We have managed billing trials for various options such as threshold, sub-account, advanced payment and revolving charge.

    Your sales force needs tools to help differentiate you from the others. For example, we developed a network performance presentation program which displays call routing and compares competitive performance results.
    System Design

    CORBA is becoming a corporate choice in the realm of client server communication. The need to provide application independent interoperability has created a movement towards CORBA in enterprise applications. We have defined  requirements and coordinated development and introduction for CORBA interfaces between customer interfacing and network operations systems using use case methodology. For your project to succeed elements like platform independence and web-based user interfaces have become critical considerations. We have developed requirements for a platform independent web-based user interfaces. Whether it is for use in network maintenance or sales entry, this experience is directly transferrable to your needs.

    We have experience in Q3 CMIP/CMISE interface protocols both generic and as used in Telecommunications Network Management (TMN) applications such as between Operations Support Systems and Element Management Systems to support broadband cable and telephony.
    What if your marketing department requires re-engineering of its entire sales negotiation process? We have consulted with major corporations (Bell Atlantic/NYNEX) to develop specifications a GUI front end client/server application to provide transparent access to all functionality of existing order entry and billing systems.   
    When your company supports a network with hundreds of operations systems and you introduce new features, how do you ensure that they will work correctly and interoperate with existing functionality? Systems and operations planning is the process of defining overall work center and systems plans for service provisioning, administration and maintenance. We have provided cirtical operations planning for major corporations including AT&T Bell Laboratories. 
    When AT&T was considering purchasing McCaw Cellular, we were consulted. We developed an Operations Cost Model for nationwide cellular network used for cost analysis.  We developed an Operations Plan which defined all customer and network operations processes. We managed implementation in all affected systems and work centers and managed the PCS (Personal Communications Service) project access planning and implementation team. Tasks managed include personal number acquisition from the FCC, network implementation, access, paging and messaging requirements definition, LEC/ICO access opening, cellular access negotiations and trial operations support.
    Also, using CASE tools, we redesigned the system which is used to allocate costs in generating the return on investment reports for the FCC for telecommunications.
    When the Florida Department of Transportation was redesigning its toll collection system network in a $26M Florida Turnpike upgrade, they turned to us. We provided consulting services including writing the technical specifications for the Toll Host and Plaza Computer Systems consisting of over 20 toll plazas.   

    System Development

    We have provided System Development services in a wide variety of application areas.
    Developed and implemented a language used to describe the page layout within a document for a computerized typesetting system.
    Robotics is a field used in many areas of application today from car manufacturing to amusement park rides.   For Warner Communications, we designed and developed a system in Unix/C on an HP1000 that allows a person to control robotic movement of up to 64,000 items while recording and editing in real time. This system was needed to replace the existing analog controlled system.
        We have experience in design and implementation of financial systems for Honeywell written in COBOL which includes GL, AP and AR integrated with a complete manufacturing system.
    For an administrative banking system for Bunker Ramo, we designed and implemented remote file access capabilities in C on UNIX to enable a host computer to access local branch UNIX or C-ISAM files.
    Small Companies
    We don't just deal with Fortune 500 companies. When Charles H Kline, an industrial market research firm, needed help with how to utilize computer technology, we provided an end-to-end solution. We investigated their needs, identified a system, handled purchase and installation, developed the application and trained their employees. Features of the application included four dimensional modeling and analysis, job costing and document indexing subsystems.
    Engineering/Power Generation

    For Con Edison, managed a project to implement an on-line process monitoring system at a generating station.

    For Ebasco Services, implemented an automated system for modeling nuclearpower plant designs, capturing data on engineering design drawings and performing analysis such as interference checking, jet impingement analysis and cost estimation.

    Designed and implemented one of the first screen based word processor systems.


    For RCA Designed and implemented systems in COBOL on mainframes supporting communications and other services.
    For Scientific American Designed and implemented subscription fulfillment systems.
    A full range of system design and programming expertise is available from PCs to mainframes:
    PC, minis and mainframes using DOS and Windows 95 and Windows NT Languages: C, Pascal, Fortran, COBOL, Assembly, PL/1, Algol, Basic, CORBA IDL, Use Case Methodology, TMN Q3 ASN.1 CMIP.
    Netscape Communicator Internet Browser, Web page design and development, Hyperwise (multimedia authoring tool), MS Project, JAM, YACC (compiler compiler), AT&T Investment Model, C-Isam, Informix, Dbase, Paradox, Excel, Access, Harvard Graphics, Lotus Notes, VI and nroff (Unix document formatter), Word, Project Manager Workbench, Timeline, PSL (CASE).

    Management Consulting

    At Insight Management Solutions, our specialty is in full life cycle project management and consulting including:

      Bid analysis
      Billing trials
      Business case analysis
      Data analysis and normalization
      Feasibility studies
      Hardware and software evaluation and procurement
      Marketing plans
      Market research requirements
      Market trials
      Methods and procedures
      Operations planning
      Production support
      Project Management
      RFP preparation
      Service descriptions
      Specification compliance monitoring
      Systems design using use case methodology
      System documentation
      System implementation
      Systems planning
      System requirements
      System specifications
      System test plans
      Technical writing
      User acceptance testing (UAT)
      User forums
      User requirements
      User training

    Professional Recruiting

    Professional search services provided according to the customerís specified requirements. Extensive experience in the Information Technology area ensures only qualified prospects are selected.

    Office Support

    Temporary or long term office support services are available including secretarial, clerical, word processing using Word data entry using Access and Excel.